Photo Gallery 2 - The House Build

Standing at my front door! 

My very first fruit tree - a West Indian Plum

What ever girl needs - a cement mixer to match her outfit!

Interferring busy body alert!

A fresh coat of white paint for the railings, which were suffering in the extreme heat and rain


  1. Ohmigoodness, what a steep hill!! Reminds me of the hill that we twirled around to get down to the house that we stayed at while were in Hawaii several years ago! Your house is beautiful, and I'm sure the pups love lounging on that front porch!

  2. We are like a mini Hawaii in many respects, complete with volcano! Thank you for the thoughts, still a lot to do, but getting there. Pups are like proverbial pigs...and love their home (as far as I can tell : )) Do drop by again soon!

  3. I am literally drooling while looking at your photos! Simply gorgeous! You MUST feel like you live in paradise!

  4. Thank you Poppy - it's a great spot but like so many regions, the tropics are not without their own issues, whether it be natural phenomenon such as hurricanes, earthquakes or tsunami, or man made issues such as no water or power supply (though the latter has improved hugely in recent times). That said, I can honestly say that I wake every morning and am truly thankful for every tiny if only I could harvest enough rainwater and generate my own eletricity, all would be perfect : )

  5. It's gorgeous! Congratulations! What a great photo series.

    1. Thank you Farmgirl Susan. Will need to update again soon as although these are not so old, the hot tropical sun and rainy season means I have just started the whole process of painting it all again! It's a neverending labor of love : )