Wednesday, 11 January 2012


This week, I felt inspired by a fellow blogger (which I should say, happens quite often these days) who announced that her 2012 resolution would be to attempt to make (or do) something new each and every month.

Her first challenge to herself and fellow bloggers was to get out those pasta making machines that have long been stowed away in the back of kitchen cabinets and have a go at making homemade fresh pasta. Her one request to others was that they should put their own twist on things.  Although I adore pasta, in recent years and following a food allergy test, I have moved predominantly to wheat/gluten free eating, so the immediate thought was that my challenge should be trying my hand at homemade fresh, gluten free, pasta.

Eagar to seize the moment, I emptied my pantry of suitable pasta-making ingredients only to find that the best sounding recipes gleaned from a hurried search on line, called for Tapioca flour, something I did not have readily available.  Not wishing to be totally defeated at the first step of this 2012 "throw down", (and knowing full well that if I put everything away again, the moment would be lost forever), I decided to try making some bread instead.  I have tried a few times before but always disappointed with the results and as a woman who would rather do without something, than settle for mediocre (well, this is true in MOST instances) I had given the project up as unworthy of my time.

EUREKA!  It seems that 2012 is the year of the bread - 2 hours later, I have two very edible specimens, one oat topped and one cheesy.   This has indeed spurred me on for the homemade pasta challenge and I will begin a quest in search of tapioca flour on our tiny island. In the meantime, the kettle is on and the bread is sliced......bring out the jam!

THANK YOU  FOR THE INSPIRATION!  Fancy joining the challenge? Why not check the link above.  Happy Pasta making!


  1. Delicious!!!! There is almost no better smell than fresh baked bread.

  2. Agree totally...except maybe coffee brewing or bacon : ))

  3. Yes, I have to agree that your bread looks absolutely wonderful! We have (had?) a pasta machine, but using it was always a bit of a pfaff. It would be OK if you had somewhere convenient to leave it set up and ready to use. On the other hand we have bread machine that makes brilliant bread reliably with very little trouble.
    Thanks for your comments concerning parsnips, BTW.

  4. Thank you Mark. I dislike clutter or storing things that are rarely used, so have very little by way of gadgets - that said, I would love a breadmaking machine, which would be in regular use. I will get round to the pasta making and plan to make ravioli as it's not something you generally see available in the shop bought, gluten free ranges. btw - you're most welcome, it's always good to see your wonderfully productive garden : )

  5. Oh my, that looks absolutely mouth watering!