Sunday, 11 March 2012


It's a beautiful Sunday morning here - the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there's a light fresh East wind. A tad on the humid side with temps around 30c/86F but very pleasant and Spring-like.  Trevor the gardener is here today (it's his day off from his real job as a gardener at a rather grand house in the upscale "Cap Estate" region of the island, so I get to borrow him).  It's all about the pretty kind of gardening today - the stuff you feast on with your eyes, rather than your taste buds, but no less delicious in my view.   So, Trevor is cutting grass (all 37,000 sq ft of it!) and I'm planting flowering shrubs.  I know that we are a few days beyond the official Full Moon planting times, but I tend to be less pedantic with the ornamentals than I am with the fruit and vegetables.

Had a walk around with my camera to capture some of these pretty sights and have been experimenting with a bit of photo-magic (courtesy of, whilst I have a quick coffee and chocolate break.

So here's my first attempt - a little "chocolate-boxy" but I thought I would share anyway - it can only get better from here ; ) 

Wishing everyone a fabulous Sunday, whether you are working, resting or playing....sending blue skies, sunshine, warmth and huge St Lucian SMILES!   

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