Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Just a quick addition to yesterday's musings on banana growing.  Wherever there is abundance there will always be those who feel they have the right to simply take what is not theirs.

This quiet corner of St Lucia is no exception and we have to be vigilant at all times to get to our hard-earned spoils before another snatches them from our mouths.....I refer to these dispicable characters as the Banana Bandits! Though in reality they could equally be dubbed the "guava grabbers" and even the "dasheen diggers" (the latter being a starchy yam-like root, that they dig and eat raw).  Perhaps a cover-all would simply be the Canine Kelptomaniacs, for in reality they will help themselves to whatever they can.  

During guava season, George & Ilsa will pass the two trees that grow low to the ground and check the fruit every morning but will never touch them until they reach the fragrant, perfumed stage where they take on a flush of delicate pink....when that happens, it's every man (and dog) for himself and a case of  the early bird (dog, (wo)man) catches the worm!

Joking aside, it is my firm belief that this is not an act of wanton greed, but instead that this clever pair of canines carry some sort of deep, in-built ability to seek, find and devour precisely what they need to counteract the deficiencies of commercially produced dog food.  An upset tummy will always lead them straight to the nearest fruiting banana tree....


  1. At least your snatchers are cute and will love you forever!!

  2. Too cute! I had a 95 pound Airedale-Rottweiler who used to love to help himself to the blackberry bushes in the backyard. But when we moved to the country and the brambles suddenly had thorns, he decided he wanted me to pick them and feed them to him. At least it did help save the harvest - sort of. :)

    1. HAHAHA! Clever Airedale-Rott! Mine sometimes stand longingly under the mango tree waiting for windfalls and no matter where they are, if they hear one fall, it's a race to see who can get there first. What would we do without them to keep us entertained eh?