Friday, 4 November 2011


Our newest addition, a small lime tree, is sitting patiently in the early morning sun on the verandah waiting for the next Full Moon.

Already heavily ladened with three good sized limes, this little tree purchased from the local Agriculture Department, has burst into the most heavenly scented flowers, some of which have quickly (in just a matter of days) transformed into clusters of fruit buds. I am almost frightened to plant her (it looks like a her to me), for fear that the trauma of being moved may disturb the developing fruit. Then there is the question of whether these clusters of fruit buds need to be thinned in order to produce better quality limes?  I will have to consult the Citrus Guru (my father).

He has already informed me that the fruit, which I assumed to be fully mature and begging to be picked (based on their size), will not be ready for some weeks yet.  Apparently, I will know they have reached perfection when they  become less dense to the touch, their skin will lose its dimples and become almost totally smooth and shiny - only then will they be juicy and full flavoured.  Clearly in all things garden related, patience is a virtue and Margarita Time will have to wait, for this little tree at least.  


  1. Nothing like elder wisdom. Beautiful flowers/fruit. Congrats on your acheivement and endeavor and yes, good luck! The inner peace and happiness is hard to describe when leaving the corporate world for a simpler, quiet life. I think we share that same feeling. Mine, obviously, a bit different than yours (central Pennsylvania, USA - surrounded by Amish lifestyle). I'll enjoy reading your successes. I'd offer gardening tips, but your climate is so different! Enjoy.

  2. Thank you so much Chili - wherever we are located and whatever the differences in climate, the inner peace is, without doubt, the same. Thanks for the encouragement. Despite these differences, I'm pretty sure there is much we can share and learn from each other. Will be checking in on you regularly. Happy Monday!