Monday, 26 December 2011


Whilst we do not have seasons in the usual sense that I had become used to, having lived most of my life in a temperate climate, we do have very distinctive produce seasons and, for the most part, still eat seasonally. Imported fruit and vegetables are available to us but coming by sea, are rarely as good as local. In the same way that I now realise that any mango, banana or papaya purchased from a UK supermarket or grocer, bears little resemblance to the "real deal", so too the reverse is true of imported, heavily chilled berries, apricots, nectarines, peaches and grapes, harvested before they are fully sun-ripened, in order to make the long journey and reach us with little or no flavour - and for which we must pay a painfully high price. 

So, it is gratifying at this time of year to have a range of young trees in the garden able to provide us with ample fruit for both eating and juicing.  Between the mayhem that is Christmas and New Year celebrations, here are just a few photos of what the garden is currently providing, aside from the usual oranges and limes, which are abundant at this time of year.

Dad gathering Coconut Water under the watchful eye of Tiger

Freshly picked Yellow Coconuts

A bumper crop of Pink Grapefruit from a single self seeded tree

Next year's mangoes 

First crop of Custard Apples for the year, almost ready

First ripe Custard Apple for the year

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