Saturday, 7 January 2012


Although it is almost full moon, which means I should be busy thinking about what's to be planted, the day was just too good not to head to the beach for a wee while.  Temps are a perfect 27c degrees with a light, fresh wind.  Sometimes, even the garden must wait....because even gardeners need a day off occasionally.  


  1. Your photos and the island are exquisite. Makes me yearn for warmer temps. It's rather chilly here in Central PA right now. Below freezing most of the time. The ground is solid as a rock. Not much happening in the garden until the spring thaw in about two months or so. Sorry I've been away... trying to wrap up my part-time job in my previous full-time position. My replacement is on board and she's trained... just waiting for my other replacement in my former position to train that individual also. I expect to be fully retired by mid-February.

  2. Glad to have you back - was just checking that all was well. I love and miss winter and I'm sure there are many magical moments of frost and other natural beauty to take solice in just now. It's probably best that the garden is out of bounds, giving you sufficient time to manage your other commitments and get things into place come the Spring. As Chance Gardner said in the movie "Being there"...."In the Spring there will be new growth" every sense : )

  3. By the way - I shall also be AWOL for a bit, but will be back at the beginning of February.