Tuesday, 31 January 2012


My love for the changing seasons and the natural order of things means that year-long sunshine,  blue-sky days and clear, star-filled nights with temperatures of 30+ degrees (centigrade) seem somehow "unnatural" to me!  I love nature in all its guises and in the same way that the taste of the first summer peach is something to look forward to and savour when it comes, just because it is so fleeting, so too I enjoy the time when the trees sleep and one can cosy up by the fire.  Don't get me wrong, I love my island home; the peace, tranquility, serenity - the gentle breezes, warm rain and blue skies are wonderful, but just now and then, I have an overwhelming hankering for crisp frosty mornings and distant hilltops with a dusting of snow....and as a woman of action, when these feelings become too strong, there is only one thing for it - in an impromptu moment of madness my flight was booked and my whirlwind winter visit to my second home of York, England (via a few days in London and a visit to Harrogate) went from a germ of an idea into reality in a matter of days.

And, thankfully, I was not disappointed.  A truly wonderful trip of just eight days visiting my most treasured, and very much-missed, friends and family.  With a strict itinerary in hand and all transfers pre-booked in advance to avoid any deviation from the plan, off I went.   Eight days, one hen do (batchelorette party), three brand new babies, an Alumni reunion, several lunches, dinners and afternoon high teas, a couple of cheeky glasses of champagne to celebrate those special moments (I have long since given up this particular vice), several shopping expeditions and here I am, safely returned to my home and dogs, feeling renewed and invigorated.

There is a line in a song that goes "everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you". It seems I may have this effect.  The UK had recently had a very chilly spell, yet on my arrival temperatures were up and a perfectly pleasant week of frosty mornings but mild, sunny days followed. Conversely, I returned to my island home to complaints about a lack of rain and an imminent drought and some very sad-looking fruit trees.  24hrs later, the first good downpour for more than ten days!

YAY! for the rain;
YAY! for changeable weather;
YAY! for seasonality and
a great big huge HOORAY! for the natural order of things.

What a marvellous trip I had; what scrumptiously delicious and wickedly decadent, naughty things I ate and drank and how happy and contented I am to be home again! 

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR?....Possibly?....Probably?....but always, HOPE-FULLY!



  1. Your island home is, of course, beautiful in a breathtaking, fantasy paradise sort of way. However, I understand your need for winter and rain! I am sad this winter because we've not had snow or our normal really cold temperatures. The good weather just doesn't feel natural to me if I don't experience the "bad" weather too!

    Thank you for sharing photographs of your lovely visit home!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you Poppy for the lovely comments - it sounds as though you understand perfectly : )

    Never, say never - it's not too late and February is often the bringer of snow in my experience. There was a flurry of snow a few miles to the west of where I was staying, on higher ground, but sadly I missed it. Europe on the other hand, are having superbly snowy weather much to the delight of my skiing friends.

    Wishing you a wonderful day too and maybe, just maybe, that north wind will blow and you shall have snow.....

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I often hear folks say they enjoy the change of seasons and while I love the sun and warmth, I believe I also would miss the frosty mornings, and especially a good blizzard! Glad your trip was a great success.

  4. As so often Chili, our hearts and minds seem to be very much in the same place. I think if there were a blizzard right now I would have to go out and dance in it...though the odds of that happening are between miniscule and zero!

    Have a great day - wishing you some late frosts and brilliant blue skies (my most favourite kind of day).