Tuesday, 27 March 2012


The project is coming along nicely and right on track (a rare achievement here!).  Let's hope I haven't spoken too soon.

That said, there is one problem.....ME!  The spot is looking so good that my imagination is running away with me and I'm considering adding a covered seating area, a work/potting bench and a rain water gathering system (something relatively small scale but enough to water the plants occasionally)....and so the thoughts grow and my head is filled with possibilities. Hmmmm, time to review that budget and rein in some of these flights of fancy.

So a quick visual catch up of where we are today (actually this was about 2pm; by the end of the day a couple more rows of blocks had been added). 

Concrete footings down and first rows of blocks laid (lots of stepping to be done due to the slope)

View from garden beyond toward the house

View that is inspiring me to add a seating area in the "garden-within-the-garden"


  1. If I had that view I'd be creating a seating area, too. Wow! So incredibly gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you lovely Bee Girl! Will keep posting as we make progress! Happy Wednesday : )

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