Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Well actually, no need to wait for Spring, a cooler spell and some good showers of rain have caused more than just a stirring in the garden.

My poor drought stricken cocoa sapling and avocado trees have suddenly and miraculously burst into life and what a heartwarming sight they are.

All over the island, an abundance of pink and yellow mango flowers fill the air with their heavy, cloying perfume and many have already set a good crop of fruit. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these tropical trees go through their cycle of blossom, fruit and harvest. It's just about a month ago that we were bemoaning the end of our own mangoes and here they are again, perfectly formed and growing nicely. A what a crop! It seems to be a veritable "Embarrassment of Mangoes" to quote Ann Vanderhoof's book title.

Whilst the long, hot, summer days last a little too long (5 - 6 months) and are just a tad too hot for my liking, I am looking forward to those months when I can enjoy many mangoes straight from the tree.....or maybe mango sorbet, mango smoothie, mango mousse, mango salsa, mango martinis or daiquiris - what's your favourite way to serve or eat mangoes?

A self seeded West Indian Lime (Key Lime)

Beautiful new shoots of recovery on the avocado

A huge old mango tree in full flower and house in the background with its fresh coat of paint



  1. I would love to have fresh mangoes! My friend told stories about her trips to South America, where there were mango trees everywhere. They were so abundant that the majority of them were just falling off the trees and rotting on the ground!

    Here's to hoping you enjoy many delicious mango dishes this season.

    1. Hola Prairie Cat! Thanks for dropping by. Sadly, it's the same here; we eat them as fast as we can but few people can or bottle here, so what doesn't get eaten immediately, tends to spoil very quickly (and suddenly) in the heat. I don't mind sharing a few with the local birds and critters, plus my dogs go crazy when a strong gust of wind blows and you hear the familiar "thud, thud, thud" sound. When that happens they are up and out in a flash.....

  2. God how I love mangoes! So jealous you have a tree full of them! Favorite is a mango sorbet, and second is a mango salsa with tomatoes, lime, cilatnro and mango. Love that with pork and chicken. Yummm!

    1. Hmmm, your salsa sounds delicious and I will be making some this year. I love mango with chicken or fish from the grill, but never tried with pork.
      BTW - did I say "a" tree full? I have five, my brother next door has 5 or 6 and Dad, who is next door to them has around 12! All the surrounding empty "bush" around our properties and beyond has a mango tree every few feet. You can nver have too much of a good thing..... Happy Thursday!