Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Sadly, as is all too familiar on island, my helper, Handy Andy has gone AWOL.  Heading off for the weekend with a full week's pay in his pocket means that I am unlikely to see him again until the money runs out.  On previous weeks, it's been a case of "no show" on Monday and/or Tuesday but today we have reached Wednesday and not a word.  I hope he is OK, but suspect that he is probably "recovering" from a good weekend.  In the meantime, with the shipment of cement afloat out in the Atlantic somewhere, and Andy off in the country resting somewhere, we head into the Easter break no further on. 

The dogs clearly hope that this situation will continue as they have made the cool and shady sand pile their new favourite place to sleep and dig.  I am pleased that they are enjoying the delay.

Oh well, better turn my attention to something useful until we can re-start the counter on the "Garden-within-a-garden" project.  It will give me some time to consider what, if any, structure I wish to add, where it will go, how it will be used and what it should look like - all good thoughts, so the additional thinking time will not be wasted  : )   

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